Admiral Solutions

PROJECT: Brand Redesign
CLIENT: Admiral Solutions


Admiral Solutions is a specialist HR company established in Sydney, with offices in Chicago. They approached engineroom in 2012 to redesign their logo in line with their core values and their vision to Firmly establish Admiral Solutions as a successful, highly respected, most trusted provider of HR solutions within their areas of expertise.

The name Admiral was chosen in honour of our founder's maternal grandfather, Leonard Admiral. Leonard Admiral was a cabin boy in the Dutch Navy who arrived on a Tall Ship in Sydney Harbour during the early 1900's. During his gruelling ocean voyage, he saw the tragic accidental death of his two friends during routine cannon practice. He jumped ship in Australia where he married a lovely woman and grew their new life and family together.

Admirals mission: "We strive to embody the pioneering spirit of the Admiral's courageous and determined streak into the heart of the Admiral's team" was so precise. We wanted the admiral logo to embody the admiral qualities of strength, leadership and ability to steer individuals and business into the future.

We kept the design simple, bold, confident strong. Even today six years since its redesign Admiral’s Identity still appears modern, striking, in command, and is a stand out from competitors.