Celebrating 90 Years

PROJECT: Editorial Design
CLIENT: The Dymocks Building


The Dymocks Building is an oasis in the heart of Sydney. In October 2018 they celebrated their 90th birthday.

The client briefed Engineroom to create a campaign celebrating this significant milestone. Engineroom designed and printed a 40 page full colour magazine which involved the agency writing all copy, organising and directing a three day photography shoot, concept and layout design, printing and despatching copies of the magazine to residents within a 5km radius of the building.

To support the magazine the agency organised talent dressed in 1920s attire to be featured over a 3 day period to distribute the magazine to customers and direct shoppers in George Street, as well as designing lift signage, window decals and promoting the milestone on all social media channels.


Budding baristas, bridal fashionistas, bespoke jeweLlers and custom tailors reside side-by-side with health, beauty and wellness as well as the curious, the collectible and the professional layered upon layer in a remarkable mix. A hidden gem that’s easy to miss. You won’t discover the secrets until you venture above where every floor is different.