PROJECT: new brand development
CLIENT: Electrical INspection Reports Australia

The director from Extra Spark approached Engineroom with his idea to reshape the Electrical industry. Running an electrical company that takes pride in their work he couldn’t believe the dangerous and scary installations he had come across. He created EIRA Electrical Inspection Reports Australia to eliminate the shock of unexpected electrical repairs for property buyers. Ensuring safety, knowledge and negotiation power.

Engineroom were tasked with defining the brand, it’s positioning, creating a name, tagline and crafting a brand identity and collateral. The concept for the logo was born from the idea of bringing electrical and real estate services together as one. The name was simplified to EIRA for ease of brand recall and was further emphasised through the taglines 'A new EIRA of electrical safety' and 'A New eira in buying and selling'.

The identity and positioning Engineroom developed for us is a great representation of our vision and how we want to position our brand. Their approach left us feeling excited and confident to enter the market with not only a revolutionary product but an amazing brand to match.

Electrical INspection Reports Australia