PROJECT: brand redesign
CLIENT: nitstuff australia

NitStuff Australia is a local business FROM THE HUNTER VALLEY which manufactures Nitstuff, a plant-based head lice preventative. Formulated by two mums in 2010 after being sick of the constant hassle of head lice and its associated problems from their school-aged children.

They found there was nothing on the market that prevented head lice and didn’t smell like it was full of chemicals. Manufactured locally in the hunter valley NitStuff can be safely applied daily to your child hairline, has a pleasant natural fragrance and is actually designed to nourish and detangle without leaving hair feeling greasy.

Nitstuff Australia

The existing packaging didn’t reflect the natural plant based attributes of the product. It was also very text heavy, with no clear communication hierarchy. These were the main areas we addressed in the redesign, creating a more nature aesthetic, a softer more natural colour palette and simpler on pack communication.