PROJECT: new brand development

The Letter Q opened in Kotara in 2013. Due to its success they opened a sister store in Warners Bay. As ENGINEROOM designed the Letter Q logo, the client asked the agency to design the identity for Q&Co. Whilst they were after some connection between the two brands, they also wanted them to stand alone, as both had a slightly different positioning and product offer.

ENGINEROOM decided the “Q” was the iconic element of the letter Q logo, so THE AGENCY wanted this to be the common element across both brands. ENGINEROOM took the exact Q from the letter Q, but created a bolder, more industrial lockup. The agency kept the brand colours black and white as just like with the Letter Q engineroom wanted the food and coffee to be the pop of colour.

THE agency brought the identity to life rolling it out across coffee cups, exterior signage, business and coffee cards and website. Across both cafes all communication is either branded Letter Q or Q&Co, except for when it comes to the staff. As they look for the same traits in staff members and build a “Q” culture staff work across both venues.

For this reason the agency designed uniforms that are more encompassing, coming up with the name “Q Crew”. This was not only more cost effective to reproduce, as Q&Co was just starting out, it gave reassurance to customers that they could expect the same level of professionalism and service as they were use to receiving at The Letter Q.


After, so far, six years association with Bec and the Team at Engineroom Design Co. It’s about time we let you know how integral your business has been to our success. You continue to provide next level timely and professional service, branding advice, styling and website management. Bec and the team are able to translate our seed of an idea and lift it beyond anything we could have envisaged.

We can not recommend Engineroom Design Co more highly. They save us time and money because they listen and more importantly interpret what we are trying to say.

For us, the greatly valued association we have with Engineroom Design Co has allowed our business to keeping pace with ever evolving trends of our industry. Knowing they understand our brand and walk beside us is a great comfort.

Put simply, they just get it right! Thanks again here’s to the future.

Deborah Sowerby & Kendall Sadler
Owners of Q&Co. & The Letter Q