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Newcastle Airport ANNUAL REPORTS

PROJECTS: Brand Documentation
CLIENT: Newcastle Airport

Engineroom designed and produced the Newcastle Airport's Annual Report from 2008/09 - 2015/16. The document contained the financial records for the previous 12 months and each year we tried to reinforce Newcastle Airport's personality in various ways; eye-catching, innovative, professional, friendly and approachable.



Bright, Friendly and Approachable. There were many positive numbers within Newcastle Airports reporting year, these were highlighted in the design concept.


This concept depicted Newcastle Airport's journey over the previous 12 months.


Newcastle Airport's staff are what makes the Airport so unique. This years report recognised staff members from each area of the Airport, with a quote about what they loved best about their job.


Passengers were the focus of this years report, highlighting all demographics that use Newcastle Airport; friends, business, retirees, family and leisure were all covered off with a photoshoot that involved stakeholders family and friends.


This year saw a trend in digital annual reports, and the Airport's commitment to reducing their environmental footprint. With this Newcastle Airport requested a smaller 'brochure like' Annual Report, with a minimal print run that could be handed out to key stakeholders only.


The new compact format was once again used this year, with a pictorial concept that saw the content paired right back to key facts and figures.


This year was future-driven, focussing on the approval of the Airports expansion and laying the foundation for the possibilities that lie ahead.


With such a pivotal year in Newcastle Airport's growth and so much to communicate to stakeholders we returned to the traditional annual report format.



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