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The Launch of a Tourism Sub Brand

PROJECT: Brand Creation
CLIENT: Forestry Corportation


The manager for recreation and tourism within Forest NSW approached Engineroom to help her facilitate the launch of a tourism and recreation body within Forests NSW.

The aim was to:

Develop a consumer-facing brand that will drive commercial value and improve FNSW's relationship with the broader community.

Increase Tourism development within State Forests i.e. events and Tourism Operators within sustainable levels.

Increase tourist visitation within State Forests within sustainable levels.

Identify and understand current user groups of State Forests.


Increase awareness/profile of FNSW Tourism assets, services and facilities offered to general public. Change perception of Forestry Corporation.

What FNSW Offer






Camping &
Lodging Areas


Horse Riding

Mountain Biking

Sustainably Manage
The Forest

Sustainably Manage and
Monitor Commercial
Tourism Operators

Maintain Roads so that
Visitors can Reach
Special Places

Provide Permits for
Weddings, Events,
Festivals, Fun Runs ETC.

Our Approach

We implemented a three-step process to achieve the project objectives:

stage one

brand insight

Research, strategy development and positioning

stage two

brand identity and campaign

Visual communication, brand identity, usage and guidelines

stage three

communication strategy

Development of 1-3 year communication strategy

Stage one
Brand insight and strategy development

In this stage Engineroom gained:

An understanding & assessment of Forestry Corporation's vision, mission, values, business plan, current services, capabilities, limitations and internal culture.

An understanding of Forestry Corporation's competitors i.e. National Parks and other State Forests.

Category and future industry trends e.g. eco tourism.

An insight into customers, both commercial outdoor operators and end users - outdoor enthusiasts. Their beliefs and motivations, basis for loyalty and the role Forests NSW played in their lives.

  • Conservation Sustainability
  • Care/caution Respectful
  • Passive Interacive
  • Walk gently Energetic fun
  • Please don't Can do
  • Soft muted tones Bold, bright colours
  • Long, evening shadows Lots of natural sunshine

Stage two
Brand identity and visual campaign

Once the brand positioning and tagline was agreed upon we developed the:
Visual Communication
Brand Identity
Brand Elements
Style Guidelines
Introductory collateral such as: pull up banners, web banners, social media presence, PowerPoint templates and press and editorial adverts.

Brand Guidelines

Stage three
Communication strategy

Due to limited budget and limited internal support a cost effective strategy was developed focussing on targeted print and digital mediums.

Target Specific Marketing

Social media

Tourism publications, newspapers and information booklets e.g. South Coast Style, Pacific Coast, Focus Magazine, Go 55s, Great Escapes etc

Entering Tourism Awards

Event specific marketing and sponsorship.

The team at Engineroom Design co. are the creative force behind our exciting new tourism branding and communication strategies. They have been extremely easy to deal with, interpreting our needs and goals into exciting imagery and tools which are successfully moving our organisation in a desired direction.

The team is personable, friendly, smart - and they deliver. They understood the constraints and pressures surrounding our project, and have maintained a fluid and dynamic approach to working with us that I know will see our relationship continue into the future.

Louise Faulkner

Native Forests Forests NSW
Manager Recreation & Tourism 2013


Over the course of the campaign and as the Tourism brand has obtained more and more internal backing, the look has evolved to be more mature and slightly more corporate to greater align the Tourism brand with Forestry Corporation

This was done slowly without compromising public awareness on the campaign created thus far, resulting in a seamless and low cost transition.



  • Bright colours
  • Large caption
  • Playful font
  • Natural tone
  • Corporate font
  • EAFO logo smaller
  • Introduction of NSW
    Forests logo
  • Simplified social media


27.9 Million

Annually to NSW State Forests
and growing.

FCNSW Tourism & Partnerships team has grown from 1 employee in 2012 to 6 & an additional 10 permanent contractors.


From under 20 events and 10 tourism operators per year, they now have over 100 events and tourism operators.

Dedicated Tourism Pages as part of the Forestry Corporation corporate website.

Forestry Corporation received the gold award for Destination Marketing at the North Coast Tourism Awards for three consecutive years and was inducted into the Tourism Hall of Fame in 2016.

From 0 Facebook likes to

Community Perceptions

In 2016, FCNSW engaged a consultant to undertake a project to benchmark the attitudes of NSW residents towards forests and the environment and benchmark current perceptions towards FCNSW. Over 400 people were surveyed from urban, rural and regional areas across NSW.

Results supported the work in tourism branding and marketing.

Increased awareness of:

Public access to recreational sites.

FNSW link to State Forest Recreational sites.

Changing the potential mindset conflict of logging vs conservation vs eco tourism.

The overwhelming majority of those surveyed found tourism marketing material positive and format is familiar and creates a sense of 'trust'.

"Experience a Forest Playground" catch-cry and logo were perceived as "positive and playful, welcoming and inviting".

FCNSW now plays host to a range of sporting events including the International World Rally Championship held annually.


Concept Development

Concept Development

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy



Logo Design

Logo Design



Name And Tagline Generation

Name And Tagline Generation



Social Media

Social Media

Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral

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