The Dymocks Building

PROJECT: Website Refresh
CLIENT: The Dymocks Building


In 2013 ENGINEROOM successfully won a strategic pitch for the redesign of The Dymocks Building website.

After discussions with The Dymocks Building management team and a thorough user experience audit of the website, THE AGENCY determined the brief was to:

  • make information easier to access by applying the ‘3 click rule’ across the site.
  • provide a modern CMS to allow content to be easily updated by The Dymocks Building staff.
  • modernise the website by reviewing colours, typography and layout.
  • project a premium feel as a destination location for customers.
  • reflect the unique heritage and character of the Dymocks building.
  • effectively communicate the vacant shops available for lease within the building.
  • ensure the website was optimised for viewing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


The existing website aesthetic (as seen on the left) didn't reflect the quality and uniqueness of the tenants or the amazingly ornate and beautiful internal architecture of The Dymocks Building.

The platform the website was built on was also very limiting. With over 120 tenants wanting to keep their website content up-to-date, editing the directory pages was an extremely cumbersome and time-consuming process for the management team.



ENGINEROOM wanted the new website to be visual to allow for the uniqueness of each tenant to be discovered. The site also had to be user friendly for all; for those who were regular visitors, had visited once or twice, or for those who were just discovering what the building had to offer. For that reason THE TEAM designed the site with several ways to search for tenants; by category, by name, or by level. This allowed users with various levels of familiarity of the building to find what they were looking for.

Since the site launched in 2013 ENGINEROOM have continued to manage the site for The Dymocks Building. Fundamentally the layout and functionality of the site has stayed relevant even today, FIVE years on, only the imagery on the site has had a facelift to keep the site fresh and on trend.


I love the ease in updating our website. EngineRoom Design’s programming allows me to update text and graphics on our tenants’ pages in under 10 minutes and our leasing page in even less time.

The ability to preview before launching onto the internet is a fantastic resource. If, because of time constraints I’m not able to do this, the team at EngineRoom Design always steP up to the mark to give assistance. Such customer service is invaluable to anyone involved in e-business.

Helen Cambourn
Property Coordinator & Leasing Administrator The Dymocks Building

The Dymocks Building