Packaging Recycling Targets Set To Drive Industry Innovation and Educate Consumers

CATEGORY: PackagingNovember 28 2018

In September, the Federal Environment Minister officially launched the new Australasian recycling Label to help achieve the 2025 National Packaging Targets. The label was developed by Planet Ark, PREP Design and APCO to help consumers better understand how to recycle packaging. The label intention is to remove confusion and reduce waste, and provides easy to understand recycling information, accessible in the short seconds when consumers need to decide where to put waste.

With more than 200 recycling labels currently being used in Australia, the new system aims to reduce confusion and contamination in the waste stream.

With this launch, new targets were announced that intend to increase the average recycled content within all packaging by 30 per cent and phase out unnecessary, single-use plastic packaging through design, innovation or the introduction of alternatives. The targets aim to ensure 70 per cent of plastic packaging is recycled or composted.

Australasian Recycling Label

The Australasian Recycling Label has been designed to be easy to understand and it shows what needs to be done with each piece of a package to dispose of it in the best way.

To date more than 50 Australian businesses have committed to the program.

An example below shows the Australasian Recycling Label as you might find on a box of chocolates.

1. The box is cardboard and is therefore recyclable in your kerbside recycling.

2. The tray is made from a material that is accepted in kerbside recycling by many but not all councils. You need to check with your local council to confirm. To check local recycling options for these conditionally recyclable items go to

3. The conditionally recyclable label can also have many instructions that help to ensure the material will be recycled when put into the kerbside recycling bin eg. Aluminium foil may have an instruction tab advising to 'scrunch into ball'.

4. The wrap is not recyclable so should be placed in your rubbish bin.

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