Mentos NOW

CLIENT: Stuart Alexander


Mentos NOWmints were a new range of Sugar-Free compressed mints in a stylish, contemporary slim-line tin. The launch was a crucial step change for the brand, taking Mentos Candy into a completely new space. The product launched in 2015 with four variants: Strawberry, Orange, Spearmint and Fresh Mint.

NOWmints represented a new generation of mints, offering a unique mint eat.

As part of the launch we were asked to develop concepts for the point-of-sale key visuals which was to convey key messaging for the launch, and the point of difference for this product. As this was a completely new product, we needed to make sure the visuals looked different to Mentos Rolls as their was the risk of overlap. The key visual was a critical component of the outdoor and point-of-sale suite which included items like a floor stand and dump bin.


Concept 1 - Flavour from within

Considered the use of bright colours from the tins, and bringing out elements from the pack design i.e. fruit, snowflake and leaf visuals.

Mentos Flavour

Floor Decals & WOBBLER

Mentos Now Mints


Big Flavour

Concept 2 - The core of flavour

As well as creating one key visual which showcased all four packs, we also developed four individual visuals for the four flavours; Strawberry, Fresh Mint, Spearmint and Orange. We wanted to clearly communicate the four flavours knowing the Mint variants were likely to be well received, the Strawberry was a key point of difference for NOWmints over competitors such as Eclipse Mints or Tic Tac.

Mint Strauberry Flavour
Mint Ice Flavour
Mint Flavour
Mint Orange Flavour

Counter Stand


POS floor Stand

Mint Wobbler

Flavour Key Visuals & Wobbler

Concept 3 - Flavour is NOW

This visual leveraged Mentos strength in fruit flavours. The fruit flavour was the key to this concept, as was developing fun shopper messages which delivered on the fun brand personality.



Dump Bin

Dump Bin

Concept 4 - A whole lot of flavour

This concept played on the hole in the flavour visual used on the packaging. The sugar free mint was the hero, having burst through the fruit, leaf or snowflake capturing the essence of the flavour. This idea was the most playful, inspired by the fun, quirky personality of the brand.


Dump Bin