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Paleo Bars

PROJECT: Packaging redesign
CLIENT: Blue dinosaur


Our team were briefed to develop packaging designs for the core range of Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars that were unique, ownable, and created shelf-blocking impact above all others.


Bold branding and clear communication of health benefits were key factors in the overall solution. It was also the clients wish to have the packaging daringly stand out from competitors and at that time, from the existing packaging trends of the health bar market.


This vision over five years ago contributed to branded packaging design which to this day is unchanged and yet still looks boldly current, maintaining strong market and on-shelf presence.

The overhaul of the packaging design, coupled with the Blue Dinosaur teams vision and drive led to the brand portfolio experiencing rapid growth, and today Blue Dinosaur maintains strong recognition, enjoying their position as the leader in the market.


The new look packaging for the range produced strongly branded bars consisting of bold block colourways and typography with easy variant identification, and stand-out from any competitor in the marketplace.

These graphics allow for impactful brand blocking on-shelf and uncomplicated addition of new flavours to the range as the team added to their portfolio over time.

Following the success and continued growth of the brand, Blue Dinosaur have expanded their product portfolio with additional variants, Lamington, Blueberry, Banana Bread and Sour Cherry developed.

When we first met with the Engineroom Design team in 2013 we were selling our "Original" Paleo Bars hand packaged in a clear wrapper with a yellow sticker on the front and back. Engineroom Design quickly transformed our bars into striking, professional products, that consumers and buyers trust.

We now have a line-up of 9 flavours with additional products in the works, and Engineroom Design has consistently produced outstanding quality work, within tight timeframes, and with all technical aspects accounted for. They have guided us through the process and always given us multiple options to choose from, explaining the reasons and justifications for them.

The packaging Engineroom Design has created for us is original, fun, and trendy, and has allowed us to express our brand directly to our customers in-store and online via imagery on our website and social media pages. They have revised our packaging several times over the years in order to keep it fresh and up to date, and due to this our social media engagement is constantly increasing and our bars feature almost like 'accessories' in many of our followers' posts.

Our turnover has grown to be over 30 times what it was in 2013, and we know that the look of our bars has had a lot to do with this extreme sales growth as our bright and colourful bars jump off the shelves!

Tina Watts-Seale
Director Blue Dinosaur


Concept Development

Concept Development



Range Extension

Range Extension

Print Production

Print Production


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